Tick is an universal table leg system which can be
applied to a variety of board materials allowing you
the space for individuality and creativity.

A bent metal wire structure, similar to a overdimensional
paper clip clamps to any board and transforms it within
a few seconds into a unique table without the use of
screws and tools.

You can create your individual table by using any board
of any size and material. It can be an old cupboard door,
a board from the hardware store or whatever comes into
your mind.

Tick also wants to encourage you to search for old board
materials in order to reintegrate them into daily live.
This is not just a pleasure for the board, but also for
the environment and last but not least for you, as you
have a unique piece of furniture in your flat.

Tick is available in three different heights.

Tick is completely made in Germany.
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